Engine 22 was organized on March 15, 1871 in the former quarters of the Hibernia Fire Company on Evalina Street east of 3rd Street.

The original company roster was as follows:
Foreman Frank J. Tibbitt
Engineer George R. Orr
Driver Thomas H. Powers
Fireman Michael Keevan
Hoseman Alfred C. Gohr
Hoseman George W. Fletcher
Hoseman James Dealy
Hoseman John T. Watson
Hoseman George C. Manderfield
Hoseman Frederick J. Wade
Hoseman J.J. Sullivan
Hoseman Thomas J. Melson

Mrs. Lawrence was the company matron.

They were assigned an 1859 Reaney & Neafie first size steamer and a hand-drawn hose carriage. The steamer was purchased from the Hibernians for the tidy sum of $3,500.00.

The station was rented from the Hibernia Fire Company at a cost of $833.33 for 1871.

Engine 22 moved into a new station at 214 Pine Street during 1908. The company would be stationed at this location for forty-two years. In 1950 Engine 22 moved in with Truck 4 at 319 Delancey Street. They would remain here until August 1, 1952 when they were disbanded to re-organize Engine 49. On April 7, 1964 Engine 22 was re-organized at Academy and Comly Roads in a new station with newly organized Ladder 31.

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