Fire Emergency Safety Guide
for Families with Special Needs

This brochure offers some tips to practice at home:
Remain calm.
Crawl to the door on your hands and knees when the smoke alarm goes off.
Feel the door with the back of your hand. If it’s hot, do not open it. Put something under the door to keep smoke out.
Know two means of escape from every room. What is your second way out?
Yell “Fire!” out the window to call for help.
Meet at a designated safe place away from the home.
Call 911 once you are safe outside.
Stay out once you get out.

Explore Philadelphia Firehouses –
Then & Now

Coming Soon! We’ll be producing brochures you can use for self-guided walking tours of Philly firehouses by neighborhood. We’ll give you walking instructions for an area, explore how old firehouses are being used in the community today. We’ll also give you links to photos so you can see how they looked in the past.

Up first is Old City. Print the 2-page brochure and head out for a stroll.

Philadelphia Fire Department
Educator’s Guide
Grades K-2

Six lesson plans for educators. This 27-page pdf is available for download.

Six lesson plans for educators

More important fire safety information from the City of Philadelphia.