October 2022
June 1, 2022 – Philadelphia, PA
Fireman’s Hall Museum is proud to announce the recipients of the 2022 EMS Provider of the Year Award. This year’s award goes to FSP Asia Johnson and AFSE Amanda Matthews. Johnson and Matthews responded to a mental health call and were instrumental in preventing an individual from jumping from a highway overpass. A ceremony to honor their bravery will be held at the museum in October.

Member’s Night – All are welcome!
We’ve been holding our Member’s Night Meetings remotely, via Zoom. On May 26th. Michael Hink (the grandson of commissioner George E. Hink) presented a program about the Fretz fire that occurred at 10th and Diamond Streets on January 1, 1963. This program was recorded and is available on our YouTube channel.

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Fire safety demonstrations: Will resume in the coming months.

Fire Safety Series
For daycare and school trips. Crafted for young children.