On Tuesday, March 15, 2022 members of the Philadelphia Fire Department and the Philadelphia Historical Corporation held a ceremony to conclude a year long celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Philadelphia Fire Department.

To mark the anniversary, three time capsules were assembled. Items from the 150th anniversary year were included. Some of the items added to each capsule:

  • Current newspaper
  • PFD 150th anniversary GM’s
  • PFD unit pictures
  • FHM challenge coins
  • Letter from Fire Commissioner Thiel
  • Fire Commissioner’s Challenge Coin
  • PFD face mask (Covid-19)
  • FHM award pins / FHM muster pin
  • Historian Jack Wright’s Book (From Horses to Horse Power)
  • FHM brochure
  • FHM 150th anniversary flyer
  • FHM 150th anniversary billboard picture
  • FHM pictures of the museum & exhibits
  • PFD 150th anniversary patch

The first time capsule will be placed at Engine 37 – the city’s oldest operational firehouse opened on February 1, 1894. Engine 37 is located at 101 W. Highland Avenue in the Chestnut Hill section of the city. This capsule will be opened in 2071 on the 200th anniversary.

The second time capsule will be placed at the iconic watch desk located on the first floor of the museum. This capsule is slated to be opened in 2171 upon the 300th anniversary.

The third capsule will reside at the Fire Commissioner’s office. This capsule will pass from one commissioner to the next and will be opened in 2121 on the 250th anniversary of the department.