Engine 72 was organized June 30, 1937 at 1127-29 W. Louden Street in the Logan section of the city. Chief Engineer Ross B. Davis issued Order #42 stating Engine 23, at 7th and Norris Streets, would be placed out of service so Engine 72 could be organized.

Truck 29 was placed in service at Engine 72’s station on July 8, 1937. On November 26, 1971 Engine 72 became a Squrt company. Light Wagon 2 was moved to the Louden Street firehouse on April 21, 1975. They would later move to Engine 19. Rescue 24 was placed in service at Engine 72 on April 2, 1984. Ladder 29 moved to Engine 51’s station on July 1, 1988. Rescue 24 was upgraded to a MIC Unit (advanced life support unit) on January 15, 1990.

Engine 72 became a Squad Company on December 8, 2004. When the Paramedic Field Officers were placed in service on May 8, 2014.

With the station in dire need of renovation, Squad 72 and Medic 24 were moved to Engine 63’s firehouse. ES 10 was relocated to Ladder 30. The moves were effective 0800 hours on Monday November 23, 2015. With the renovations on Louden Street completed, Squad 72 and Medic 24 moved back on May 30, 2018. ES 10 stayed at Ladder 30’s station for a little while longer but eventually moved back to Squad 72’s station.

The companies continue to provide fire and emergency medical services to the people of Logan, and beyond, from the firehouse at 1127-29 W. Louden Street.