Engine 70 was organized May 1, 1931 at 4800 Langdon Street. The company was placed into service with a hose wagon only. In the event they had a fire the company would place a hydrant stream into service. This situation was rectified during 1933 Engine 70 was assigned a 1933 American LaFrance 1000 GPM pumper.

On January 3, 1949 Rescue 2 was moved to the quarters of Engine 70. This arrangement lasted until October 31, 1952 when Rescue 2 moved to Engine 14’s station. On June 25, 1968 Deputy 3 was organized and housed with Engine 70. Deputy 2 was disbanded on June 27, 1983. On that date Deputy 3 was renumbered Deputy 2.

Medic 42 was placed into service at 4800 Langdon Street on February 6, 2006. They were in service twelve hours each day. On February 18, 2008 Medic 48 went into service as a twenty-four hour unit.

While the station was being renovated Engine 70 was moved to Ladder 15’s house, Deputy 2 went to Engine 38 along with Medic 42. All companies moved back to Engine 70’s station on September 9, 2015. With the reorganization of Deputy 3 on January 23, 2019 Deputy 2 was moved to Engine 38’s station. ES 3 moved from Engine 10 to Engine 70.

Today Engine 70, Medic 42, and ES 3 continue to operate from the station at 4800 Langdon Street.

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