Truck F was organized March 1, 1884 on the northeast corner of Wyoming and Haverford Avenues.

The original company roster was as follows:

William Eagan – Foreman
William Sargeant – Tillerman
Joseph Blackburn – Driver
Hugh McGranaghan – Ladderman
Joseph Timlin – Ladderman
William B. Cline – Ladderman
Michael Carroll – Ladderman
William Boyd – Ladderman
George F. Jennings – Ladderman
John H. Murray – Ladderman
Thomas Markward – Ladderman
Frank Dehaven – Ladderman
Harry Hogg – Ladderman

In 1884 Truck F had 39 box runs and 4 local alarms. For 1885 the company had a total of 74 box runs and 13 locals.

In 1887 Assistant Engineer 7 was organized in this station. They were moved to Truck 13’s house when it opened in 1904.

The street name, Wyoming Avenue, was changed to Preston Street in 1897.

Chemical 1 was moved from Engine 32 to Truck F’s station in 1896. This company would be one of the last two horse-drawn companies in Philadelphia. It was disbanded on December 27, 1927 to organize Engine 67.

Truck F became Truck 6 on July 11, 1900 when the letter designations for the truck companies were changed to numbers.

Battalion 11 was organized in this firehouse in 1912.

On November 9, 1959 Engine 67 was disbanded. Ladder 6 and Battalion 11 moved to the new station at 43rd and Market Streets. Engine 5 moved to 43rd and Market Streets the same day, from the firehouse at 37th and Ludlow Streets.