Engine 57 was organized September 22, 1913 on Pine Street west of 55th Street. The apparatus assigned to them were a 1913 Commercial Truck Company electric tractor pulling a 1912 American LaFrance steamer and a Holloway combination hose and chemical wagon. The wagon was horse-drawn. During 1914 a Mack hose wagon was assigned. An electric battery powered hose and chemical wagon was assigned to Engine 57 in 1915 when they received a 1915 Commercial Truck Company wagon with Mack bodywork. As time went on, the electric powered apparatus began to wear out. At that time Truck 13 was a single ladder house who ran with Engine 57 frequently. Because the electric apparatus had become so unreliable Truck 13 carried four lengths of 2 ½ inch hose so a hydrant stream could be put into service if Engine 57 ran out of power while responding. The electric apparatus was replaced in 1926 when a new American LaFrance pumper and hose and chemical wagon were assigned.

On February 4, 1976 Engine 57 moved to a new station located on the northeast corner of 56th and Chestnut Streets. Rescue 23, a BLS unit, was placed in service at Engine 57’s station on March 19, 1984. Engine 65 was closed on June 18, 1988. The same day Engine 65 closed, Rescue 9M, an ALS unit, moved from Engine 65’s house to Engine 57 and Rescue 23 moved from Engine 57 to Engine 41. The apparatus formerly assigned to Engine 65 was reassigned to Engine 57 on June 27, 1988. Water Tower 57 and Rescue 9 continue to serve West Philadelphia from this location. In 2013, Engine 57 was assigned a pumper with a 50 foot, telescoping nozzle, called a “snozzle. ” Thus the reason it’s now called Water Tower 57.