Engine 55 was organized during February 1909 in a station located on the southeast corner of Marshall Street and Erie Avenue. The company was assigned a 1909 American LaFrance 4th size steamer and a 1909 Combination Ladder Company hose and chemical wagon. They were motorized during 1918 when the 1909 American LaFrance steamer was attached to a 1918 American LaFrance tractor and a 1918 American LaFrance hose and chemical wagon was assigned. Ladder 22 moved into Engine 55’s house on July 15, 1960 from the station they shared with Engine 42 at Front and Westmoreland Streets. Engine 42 was disbanded the same day Ladder 22 moved.

On January 21, 1963 Engine 55 and Ladder 22 moved to a new station on the northwest corner of Front and Luzerne Streets. Medic 39 was placed in service in this station on August 1, 2001. All three companies continue to respond from this location.

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