Chemical 7 was reorganized during 1904 at 82nd Street and Tinicum Avenue in the Eastwick section of Southwest Philadelphia. On December 17, 1927 Chemical 7 was disbanded to place Engine 69 in service. The company was one of four engines organized during 1927 and 1928 with a hose and chemical wagon only. If they had a fire that required a larger diameter hose line, the company would place a hydrant stream in service. A new pumper was supposed to be purchased for Engine 69 during 1929 but it was delayed by the Great Depression. Engine 69 received a pumper during 1933 when a 1926 American LaFrance 900 GPM engine was assigned to them.

During the 1930’s, a new station was opened for Engine 69 at 8201 Tinicum Avenue. On January 8, 1943 Truck 26 was organized. This was unusual since there were restrictions on the acquisition of fire apparatus and a shortage of manpower as a result of World War II. The Bureau of Fire must have had to prove an urgent need to get the resources needed to place the company in service. Truck 26 was assigned a 1943 Ward LaFrance quad. It had a 750 GPM pump and 100-gallon booster tank and carried an assortment of ground ladders, the longest being 45 feet.

Grass Fire Fighter 1 (GF 1) was placed in service in Engine 69’s station on March 7, 1968. Rescue 19 entered service at Engine 69 on April 16, 1970. They were moved to Engine 40’station on April 4, 1988. A foam pumper, Engine 169 was assigned here for a few years in the early 1990’s.

The city’s budget woes dictated a number of changes for Engine 69 and Ladder 26. On June 27, 1983 Engine 69 and Ladder 26 were reorganized as Task Force 26. On July 1, 1988 Task Force 26 was placed out of service and Engine 69 and Ladder 26 were reorganized. This lasted until January 26, 1994 when Task Force 26 was placed back in service. On July 18, 1998 Ladder 26 was disbanded and the quint assigned to Engine 16 was reassigned to Engine 69. They were now in service as Quint 69. In July 2015 the quint went kaput and was relinquished. Engine 69 was back in service.

Today, the firehouse at 8201 Tinicum Avenue is home to Engine 69, Medic 55B, ES 12, and Battalion 6. Medic 55B was placed in service on June 30, 2017. ES 12 moved in on February 26, 2018 and Battalion 6 was reorganized here on January 14, 2019.

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