Engine 1 was organized March 15, 1871 at 1837 South Street in the firehouse formerly occupied by the volunteers of the Delaware Fire Company. Rent for the station was $625.00 for 1871.

The original company roster was as follows:
Foreman James Patterson
Engineer Samuel Pritchard
Driver William Carberry
Fireman Andrew Auld
Hoseman John Winring
Hoseman Henry Conrad
Hoseman Eugene Smith
Hoseman Jule F. Cure
Hoseman John E. Murphy
Hoseman George McFetridge
Hoseman John Budd
Hoseman John Laird

Mrs. Lawther was the company matron.

The company was assigned an 1859 Reaney & Neafie first size steamer. This piece was purchased from the Delaware Fire Company for $2500.00.

During 1888 the station was rebuilt and enlarged. On December 15, 1964 Engine 1 moved to a new station at 711 S. Broad Street. Ladder 5 moved into the new station the same day from their single ladder house at 752 S. 16th Street. Engine 1 was placed out of service on May 25, 1994 for asbestos removal from the station. They were placed back in service on June 18, 1994. On January 5, 2009 Engine 1 was disbanded.