Engine 2 was organized March 15, 1871 as one of the original twenty-two engine companies of the Philadelphia Fire Department. Their station was located on the southeast corner of 13th and Oxford Streets. Their firehouse was formerly the station for the Humane Fire Company No. 13. The city rented the building from the former volunteer company. Rent for 1871 was $833.33.

The original company roster for Engine 2 was as follows:

Foreman John Jacoby
Engineer Frank V. Fulmer
Driver John Buck
Fireman Henry Hicks
Hoseman Harrison McManus
Hoseman B.F. Hooley
Hoseman William Fuller Jr.
Hoseman F.H. Schell
Hoseman George M. Haedrick
Hoseman Lorenzo Bitters
Hoseman Henry Schwartz
Hoseman M.P. Glanding

Mrs. Fetter was the company’s matron or janitress.

(Note: the title Foreman was changed to Captain on July 1, 1912.)

The total payroll for Engine 2 during 1871 was $4497.30. Mrs. Fetter was paid $95.00.

Engine 2’s first apparatus was an 1863 G&J Chapman 3rd size steamer (700 gpm) and a hand-drawn hose carriage with 800 feet of gum rubber hose with Jones Snap couplings. The steamer was purchased from the Humane Fire Company for $2,500.00. It was pulled by horses. The hand-drawn hose carriage was replaced late in 1871 with a Gardner and Fleming hose cart. The new hose cart was pulled by one horse.

In 1914 a new Mack hose wagon was assigned to Engine 2 bringing motorization to the company. The horse-drawn steamer was replaced in 1916 when an 1893 Silsby 2nd size (900 gpm) steamer pulled by a Christie tractor was assigned to Engine 2.

Over the years, Engine 2 was housed in several stations. Listed below is a chronology of those locations:

March 15, 1871 – SEC 13th & Oxford Streets

1877 – Montgomery Avenue west of 10th Street

1883 – 1816 N. 10th Street

1893 – 1034 W. Berks Street

June 30, 1937 – 2031 N. 7th Street with Engine 23 for station renovation

1940 – 1034 W. Berks Street

1950 – 2031 N. 7th Street – Engine 23’s former station

February 18, 1961 – 2003 N. 2nd Street with Ladder 3 for station renovation

July 31, 1961 – 2031 N. 7th Street

April 5, 1978 – 2426-32 N. 2nd Street with Ladder 3 and Battalion 6

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