Engine 3 and Truck D were organized March 15, 1871 at 117-19 Queen Street in the former quarters of the Weccacoe Fire Company. This was an unusual arrangement since all of the other truck companies were organized in their own quarters. Rent for 1871 was $1083.33.

The original company rosters were as follows:

Engine 3
Foreman Thomas L. Senatz
Engineer Joseph A. Pidgeon
Driver Daniel Hibbs
Fireman William J. Simpson
Hoseman George W. Devitt
Hoseman Thomas Woodruff
Hoseman George D. Solly
Hoseman John R. Bennett
Hoseman James Carrell
Hoseman Robert B. Warner
Hoseman Charles P. Lyons
Hoseman David S. Bennett

Truck D
Foreman William H. Gampher
Driver Noah Boyer
Tillerman William C. Gibson
Ladderman George M. Schlag
Ladderman Martin L. Jenners
Ladderman James A. Rose
Ladderman Samuel M. Killen
Ladderman James Hanley
Ladderman William S. Osler
Ladderman Edward E. Wills
Ladderman George W. Gray
Ladderman Joseph T. Hammond
Ladderman Charles F. Mansfield

During 1874 Truck D moved to their own station at 319 Union Street. The street name was changed to Delancey in 1877.

A new station was built for Engine 3 at 115-17 Queen Street in 1898. The company would remain here until June 29, 1960 when they moved to their present station at Moyamensing and Washington Avenues.

Although the station built in 1898 has a different street address than the volunteer station, one can see from the photos below that they both occupied the same lot.

In 2017 the firehouse was featured in an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer – Queen Village firehouse finds new life in new century, see the article for more history on the building and additional photos.

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