Wednesday, February 16, 1977 – C Platoon. Box 1744, Vandalia and Tasker Streets at 0854 hours – 7th alarm at 1040 hours – Fire Under Control at 1132 hours. Timothy Shanahan Express and Halperin Company 1600 S. Delaware Avenue. The building covered the entire block from Tasker to Morris Streets, Delaware Avenue to Water Street.

There was one extension due to flying brands to Publicker Industries 1601 S. Delaware Avenue a four-story brick distillery. Box 291, Delaware Avenue and Morris Street was struck for this fire. Companies responding were Engines 71-3, 72-11, 50-49 Tac Ladder 16-2, Ladd 4-19 Battalions 1 and 401.

This was extra alarm number 36 of 156 for 1977.