Engine 47 was organized January 16, 1900, at 3035 Grays Ferry Avenue in the Grays Ferry section of South Philadelphia. They moved to Engine 60’s station on January 12, 1968, while repairs were made to their station. On December 19, 1968 Engine 47 returned to their station upon completion of the repairs.

At approximately 3:00 pm on Monday, April 13, 1942, Hoseman William P. O’Brien of Engine 47, Platoon A, was accidentally shot in the chest while on duty. At that time a small detachment of the U.S. Army was guarding the Grays Ferry Avenue Bridge. The soldiers were being quartered in the firehouse. A private was demonstrating guard duty to another soldier when his rifle accidentally fired striking Hoseman O’Brien. He was rushed to Graduate Hospital on the engine where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

A new station was built for Engine 47 at 3031 Grays Ferry Avenue. They moved in on March 24, 1975. Ladder 32 was placed into service the day the new station opened. Also on March 24, 1975, Deputy 1 moved from Engine 43’s station to Engine 47.

Ladder 32 was disbanded on July 1, 1988. Engine 47 was placed out of service “temporarily” on September 24, 1990, while a new station was built for Engine 60, Ladder 19, and the HazMat Task Force. On August 11, 1997 Engine 47 was re-organized at the Grays Ferry Avenue station and Engine 60, Ladder 19, and the HazMat Task Force moved to their new station at 24th and Ritner Streets.

Engine 47 was re-organized as a squad company on December 1, 2004. Medic 40 was placed in service at Squad 47 on November 19, 2001. A second, BLS medic unit, Medic 53B, was placed in service at Squad 47 on June 30, 2017.

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