The sub-engine at the House of Correction was organized during 1883 in a building on grounds of the prison in the Holmesburg section of the city. The original company roster was as follows:

Foreman Granville S. White
Driver Jacob Toy
Engineer Washington Fulmer
Fireman William Bowers
Hoseman George Warr
Hoseman Charles Raymond

These members staffed three pieces of apparatus, a steamer, hose wagon, and a city-service ladder truck. All three pieces would respond at all times. The ladder truck was known as Auxiliary Truck D.

On February 1, 1891 the company was reorganized as Engine 36 at 7818 Frankford Avenue. The company still responded with three pieces of apparatus. The original company roster was composed of the following members:

Foreman Granville S. White
Engineer Washington Fullmer
Driver George Warr
Fireman George W. Mayberry
Hoseman Charles A. Raymond
Hoseman Robert W. Solly
Hoseman William Colsher
Hoseman Christian C. Melsch

Auxiliary Truck D became Truck 20 on January 21, 1926. On March 24, 1971 Ladder 20 moved to Engine 38’s station. Engine 36 moved to a rented garage at 3515-21 Welsh Road on March 26, 1971. Both companies were moved so the old station could be demolished and a new station built on the lot. Engine 36 and Ladder 20 moved into the new station at 7818-20 Frankford Avenue on September 8, 1972. Rescue 17 moved into the new station on the same day from Engine 46’s station where they were organized on May 1, 1970.

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