Engine 30 was organized at 3546 Germantown Avenue on August 1, 1884. The company was composed of the following members:

Foreman John Leithead
Engineer William Hannold
Driver George Rau
Fireman Stephen Rowan
Hoseman Oscar Malloch
Hoseman Jacob Rudy
Hoseman George H. Clayton
Hoseman James Ridgway
Hoseman Morris Shaffer
Hoseman Joseph Till
Hoseman Henry Pelstring
Hoseman John McEntee

The first box run for Engine 30 was on September 3, 1884 to Box 427. The address of fire was the southeast corner of Mascher and Ontario Streets, a three-story frame dwelling. There was extension to six 3 story frame dwellings on Mascher, below Ontario Street. Companies responding to the fire were Engines 23, 25, 28, and 30 along with Truck C.

During Engine 30’s first full year of operation, 1885, the company responded to a total of forty-four alarms – forty boxes and four locals.

Assistant Engineer 8 was organized in Engine 30’s quarters during 1887.

In 1895 the city purchased the building for $11,000.00, saving the city $900.00 per year in rent for the property. In late 1899, Engine 30 was moved to temporary quarters located in an alley off Tioga Street, west of Germantown Avenue while their old station was razed and a new structure built. The members were housed in a dwelling which fronted onto Tioga Street. The apparatus and horses were kept in two separate sheds in the alley. These accommodations were not very efficient. The conditions were brought to light in an article appearing in the Philadelphia Evening Telegraph dated July 21, 1900. The reporter stated “This is the house furnished by a generous but dense Committee on City Property. There is probably no town upon the map that boasts even of a most antiquated fire apparatus that has not a better structure in which to keep it from the ravages of the elements”.

Late in 1900, Engine 30 moved into their new station, with the address of 3546 Germantown Avenue. On April 1, 1956 Engine 30 was disbanded while a new station was built. They were reactivated in the new station on May 22, 1957. Engine 30 was disbanded once again on June 18, 1988. Albert J. Anderson was the last Captain.

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