Engine 29 was organized December 5, 1883 at 1048 N. Lawrence Street. The original company roster was as follows:

John Humphreys – Foreman
William Hewitt – Engineer
George Eisele – Driver
John Elliot – Fireman
William Herring Jr. – Hoseman
Philip Trude – Hoseman
James A Mack – Hoseman
Stephen Rowan – Hoseman
Edward Conard – Hoseman
John Lamb – Hoseman
Peter Rittenhouse – Hoseman
Joseph Clark – Hoseman

Mrs. Banes was the company matron.

The building was rented from the Redemptorist Fathers of Pennsylvania, the religious order staffing Saint Peter the Apostle Church at 5th Street and Girard Avenue. Not only were the good fathers helping the poor and saving souls, they were acting as landlords. Rent for the building was $100.00 per month.

Engine 29’s first run was on December 25, 1883 to Box 431 at 0420 hours. The address of fire was 478 St. John Street. During the first month, the company was in service they had a total of three runs, all boxes.

Truck G was organized at Engine 29’s station in 1893. On July 11, 1900 numbers replaced letters for the truck companies. Truck G became Truck 7.

On February 27, 1895 Engine 29 and Truck 7 moved to a new station located at 1225-29 N. 4th Street. This firehouse was, and still is, hailed as the finest example of Richardson Romanesque architecture in the city. It is listed on the register of historic places. Rescue 15 was placed in service at this station on April 23, 1970.

Engine 29, Ladder 7, and Rescue 15 moved to a new station located at 400-08 W. Girard Avenue on February 28, 1972.

Ladder 7 was disbanded on July 1, 1988. “Heavy Duty” Rescue 1 was reorganized in Engine 29’s station on March 25, 1991

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