Engine 25 was organized January 1, 1873 at 2424 Kensington Avenue. In 1877 they were moved to a new station located at 215 E. Adams Street. The company moved again in 1886 to a new firehouse at 1812 E. Adams Street. On December 1, 1899 Engine 25 moved to a new station located at 1915-17 E. Adams Street. Effective January 1, 1900 Adams Street was renamed Hagert Street. They would remain here until December 22, 1967 when they moved to their current station at Boudinot Street and Hart Lane. Their former station at 1915-17 E. Hagert Street was destroyed by a three alarm fire on March 1, 1968. (Box 264 at 1731 hours.)

The company roster consisted of the following members:
John Humphreys-foreman
Richard Warren-engineman
Henry Deal-driver
Edward McCarty-fireman
John Stewart-hoseman
William Grahams-hoseman
James Patterson-hoseman
Michal Lay-hoseman
David Farran-hoseman
John Cook-hoseman
Charles Wolf-hoseman
Robert Burns-hoseman

In the early part of the twentieth century, the insurance underwriters used to conduct tests to see how quickly companies could hike out to a box alarm. Engine 25 consistently had the quickest turn-out time earning them a blue ribbon. They thusly became known at the “Blue Ribbon Company”.

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