Engine 19 was organized March 15, 1871 at 18 East Armat Street in the present-day heart of Germantown. Engine 19’s station was formerly occupied by the Fellowship Fire Company No. 27. The station was rented from Ambrose Reiber. Rent for 1871 was $602.08.

The original company roster was as follows:

James C. Whalley- Foreman
George W. Taylor- Engineer
Jacob W. Kephart- Driver
John S. Knight- Fireman
Richard M. Johnson- Hoseman
Frank Cooley- Hoseman
George Bussinger- Hoseman
William F. Clemens- Hoseman
Samuel H. Deal- Hoseman
James C. Tully- Hoseman
John F. Williamson- Hoseman

Mrs. Lackman was the janitress

They were in service with a third-class steamer built by J.L. Chapman of Philadelphia, and a four-wheel hose carriage.

In 1888 Engine 19 moved to a new firehouse at 29-31 E. Chelten Avenue. After twenty-five years at that location they company was moved to a new station across the street at 20 E. Chelten Avenue. On November 9, 1957 Engine 19 moved to their current firehouse at 302-10 E. Chelten Avenue with Ladder 8, Battalion 9, and Rescue 10.

Note the helmet sculpture at the top of the building in the second photo below. That sculpture is currently on display at Fireman’s Hall Museum. Also shown in this photo is Auxiliary Rescue 4’s 1951 Chevrolet and Engine 19’s 1941 Ward LaFrance.

Currently, the station houses the engine, Ladder Tower 8, Medic 28, and Deputy 3. For many years, Battalion 9 was housed in this station, but on January 23, 2019 it was moved to Engine 12 in Manayunk.

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