Engine 11 was organized March 15, 1871 at 1035 Lombard Street in the firehouse formerly owned by the Washington Fire Company. The city of Philadelphia paid $666.66 in rent for the building during 1871.

The original company roster was as follows:
Foreman Edward J. Toomey
Engineer William J. Irwin
Driver Thomas Munn
Fireman Andrew McGough
Hoseman Thomas Cochran
Hoseman William C. Robinson
Hoseman Washington Fuller
Hoseman James O’Neill
Hoseman William Cook
Hoseman Edward Walker
Hoseman John McCullen
Hoseman Tully Moore

The company matron was Mrs. Winslow.

The original apparatus assigned to Engine 11 was an 1860 Poole & Hunt second size steamer. This piece was purchased from the Washington Fire Company for $2,500.00. They would use this engine until 1890 when a new Silsby second size steamer was assigned to the company.

In 1902 Engine 11 was moved to a new station located at 1016 South Street.

October 1918: Engine 11 became a segregated company. Only African-American fire fighters were assigned there. This lasted until February 19, 1949 when eleven African-American members were transferred to stations located throughout the city.

On August 30, 1976 Engine 11 moved to a new station at 601-09 South Street.

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