Engine 10 was organized March 15, 1871 at 1507-09 East Moyamensing Avenue in the firehouse formerly occupied by the Shiffler Hose Company.

The original company roster was as is follows:
Foreman Joseph H. Dallas
Engineer Daniel Drayton
Driver Charles Reynolds
Hoseman Charles Harburger
Hoseman William Okill
Hoseman Levi Wilson
Hoseman William Andrews
Hoseman Washington Yates
Hoseman William E. Siddons
Hoseman Alfred Dankel
Hoseman John Patterson
Hoseman James Tatem

The company matron was Mrs. Harburger.

The company was equipped with an Amoskeag second size steamer and a Gardner & Fleming hose cart. The hose cart carried 650 feet of leather hose. The steamer was purchased from Shiffler at a cost of $2,750.00.

For 1871 the city paid $833.33 in rent to the Shiffler Hose Company.

In 1874 Engine 10 moved to a new firehouse at 808 Morris Street. They would remain here until June 4, 1953 when they moved in with Ladder 11 on 12th Street south of Wharton Street. Both companies moved to the new station at 1357 S. 12th Street on April 6, 1964. This new station is about 100 feet south of the old station which has been demolished.

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