Engine 9 was organized March 15, 1871 at Main and Franklin Streets in the station formerly occupied by the Franklin Fire Company. The city paid $416.66 in rent for the building during 1871. The original company roster was as follows:

Foreman George W. Fox
Engineer George Freas
Driver W.W. Worrell
Fireman Thomas G.C. Bell
Hoseman Charles Whiteman
Hoseman Thomas Brooks
Hoseman John G. Maxwell
Hoseman Jacob Peterman
Hoseman Edward Wright
Hoseman Jacob Guyer
Hoseman Charles Fisher
Hoseman Thomas Hollicks

Mrs. Thomas was the company matron

During 1880 Engine 9 moved to a new station at Main Street and Carpenter Lane. Approximately 1900 the street name was changed from Main Street to Germantown Avenue. A new station was built for Engine 9 at 6900 Germantown Avenue. The company moved in during 1900. In 1907 Auxiliary Truck A was organized. The Auxiliary Trucks were not a full truck company. They were organized in sparsely occupied areas of the city. Engine 9 responded with three pieces of apparatus at all times, the engine, hose wagon, and ladder truck. On January 21, 1926 Auxiliary Truck A was reorganized as Truck 21, a separate truck company.

A new station was built for Engine 9 and Ladder 21 at 6900 Germantown Avenue. It went into operation on July 16, 1963. While the new station was being built, Engine 9 was housed in a garage at the Lutheran Home at 6950 Germantown Avenue and Ladder 21 ran from Engine 37’s house.