Truck 13 was placed in service May 4, 1904 in a new station located at 50th Street and Baltimore Avenue. Assistant Engineer 7 moved into the new station on the day it opened. Prior to this move, Assistant Engineer 7 was stationed with Truck 6 at Preston Street and Haverford Avenue. (See post for Truck 13 below – dated April 16, 2017.)

Engine 68 was organized in Truck 13’s station on January 1, 1928. The company was one of four engines organized during 1927 and 1928 with a hose and chemical wagon only. If they had a fire that required a larger diameter hose line, the company would place a hydrant stream in service. A new pumper was supposed to be purchased for Engine 68 during 1929 but it was delayed by the Great Depression. Engine 68 received a pumper during 1933 when a 1926 American LaFrance 900 GPM engine was assigned to them. This piece had formerly been assigned to Engine 32.

Rescue 3 was moved to Engine 68’s station on June 5, 1953 from Engine 65’s station. On July 10, 1956 Rescue 3 was moved to Engine 40’s firehouse. The company was moved back to Engine 68’s quarters on April 7, 1961. Rescue 3 was deactivated as a heavy rescue on September 18, 1961 and reorganized as a light rescue or ambulance.

On July 19, 1984 Engine 68, Ladder 13, Battalion 7, and Rescue 3 moved into a new station at 52nd Street and Willows Avenue. These companies, known as the Cuckoo’s Nest, continue to serve West Philadelphia and Southwest Philadelphia from this location.