Truck 16 was organized in 1912 in a new 2-bay station on the northeast corner of Belgrade and Huntingdon Streets. This truck company was better located to serve the Port Richmond section of the city which included an industrial and commercial area adjacent to the Delaware River.

It was one of two truck companies in the city to receive the first motorized apparatus in 1913. The apparatus was a 1913 Webb/Couple Gear all-wheel drive gasoline/electric tractor, pulling an 85 foot wooden, tillered aerial ladder with a crew of 12. This was the beginning of the transition from horse-drawn to motorized apparatus.

In 1950, the designation “truck” was changed to “ladder” and the company became known as Ladder 16.

In 1952, there were 2 more apparatus to be moved into Ladder 16’s station. On August 2nd, Rescue 8 (a light rescue) started running out of the station and on October 22nd, Engine 6 was housed there after moving from 1118 East Montgomery Avenue in Fishtown.

Rescue 8 moved to Engine 25’s station, and Engine 6 would be disbanded on January 5, 2009 as part of city budget cuts. Presently, the station houses Medic 46, and Emergency Services Officer (EMS) 9 along with the ladder.