On May 6, 1901, Truck 11 was organized on 12th Street south of Wharton Street. The establishment of this new station moved ladder service further south into the heart of South Philadelphia than ever before. Its first apparatus was an 1894 Hayes/LaFrance 65 ft. wooden tillered aerial ladder, formerly in service with Truck 8.

In 1951, Rescue 5-A (a light rescue), moved into Ladder 11’s station. The light rescue’s designation would be changed to Rescue 11 on October 15, 1956 when it moved to Engine 49’s station at 13th & Shunk Streets. In 1950, the designation “truck” was changed to “ladder” and thus, Truck 11 became Ladder 11.

On June 4, 1956, Engine 10 would move from its station at 808 Morris Street to Ladder 11’s station. And on April 6, 1964, both the engine and ladder would move about 40 yards south to a new station on the northeast corner of 12th & Reed Streets. This station included a community room for use by area neighbors (presently absorbed by station functions).

On March 24, 1975, Battalion Chief 1 would move into the station from Engine 49, only to stay a little over 18 years, moving to Engine 1 at 711 S. Broad Street. on July 1, 1993.

On January 5, 2009, Ladder 11 was disbanded due to city budget problems.