On the passing of Mayor Kenney’s father – Retired firefighter James F. Kenney

Mayor James H. J. Tate congratulates newly promoted officer James F. Kenney

James F. Kenney and his service to the Philadelphia Fire Department

James F. Kenney’s service with the Philadelphia Fire Department spanned twenty years and a myriad of assignments.  He was sworn in as a fireman, going through the traditional Fire Training College at Ridge Avenue and Cinnaminson St. and began his career first at Engine 60 in 1960 and then Engine 1 in 1962. Promoted to Lieutenant in 1964, he served as a pool officer in Division 1, traveling to whichever station needed him at the time.  In 1966 he transferred to Ladder 14 and in 1967 was promoted to Captain, serving as a pool officer in Division 2 and later Battalion 5.  Stints at Engine 10 and then the Fire Training College preceded his assignment to Fire Boat 2, the Bernard Samuels.   In 1972 he transferred to Ladder 13 then to Fire Headquarters, the Research & Planning Division where he was most proud of their work and his role in the development of the yellow safety helmet used by fire companies across the country.  Prior to the opening of its new station, he moved to Ladder 32 in 1975 and while there was promoted to Battalion Chief.  He went on to serve in Division 1, Battalion 11 and Battalion 1 before returning to Fire Headquarters in June of 1980 and retiring on July 22, 1980.